The only one that not need heating to provide the most pleasant environment

 The ROTISUIT weaning system is particulary suitable for the first weeks weaning and for accomodate the piglets early weaned when there are hyperprolific's sows.

The ROTISUIT weaning system enjoys for a environment controlled by electronic systems, with a ventilation POSITIVE, PERIODIC and PRESSURE . The same temperature and relative humidity are guaranted, indepentdendtly of external conditions.

The ROTISUIT weaning system not needs heating systems to win the temperature required for the farmer. By administering with precisely the calories of the own piglets and with a good isolation, ROTISUIT provides the ideal ambient to make easy the wean.

Other design characteristics:

  • MODULAR to adapt perfectly at the number of piglets of each band
  • EXTERIOR desgined to be located outside
  • MOVABLE it can be moved, without disassembly, in case of change the activity orientation
  • INSTALLATIONS offered with electrical and plumbing installation, slat, feeders, divisions ....
  • FINISHES stainless steel, pvc or poliéstrer

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