100% Positive Results

During the first 2/3 days of life piglets, when the mother gets up, the piglets roam beneath the sow and when it gets to stretch is when crushing appear.

Especially in hiperprolíferes farms, a high percentage of casualties crushing, quickly undoes the great work done before by genetics and management in mating.

The Savespigles ROTIVENT,basis that pigs are very sensitive to any airflow, virtually eliminating low for this item.

The Savespiglets ROTIVENT should be placed in the farrowing pen just before delivery and must be maintained until day 3 postpartum. The little ones have learned where they are NOT comfortable. After these days, the Savespiglets ROTIVENT can attend another birth.

If your company has more than 3% of casualties in this connection we invite you to try it for free and without obligation. Request it here

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