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Already spent 20 years, since the first version of the controller ROTI ER43. From then until now, we have been updating and modernizing the controller design base.

At last , this 2014, we have made the leap to the new technologies and have redesigned whole the controller, adapting it to the new manufacturing processes, clean and careful with the environment and with more possibilites. The result is the new controller ROTI ER43/2014.

In addition to regular ventilation depending on the selected temperature, ventilation control periodic, activate emergency ventilation in case of anomaly and activate the cooling in the case of summer heat, the new controller ROTI ER43/2014 can do:
.- Warning in case of excessive consumption of the fan.
.- Notice in the event of consumption of the fan.
.- Internal memory temperature recorded every half hour. Acessible by smartphone. Free App.
.- Allows program curves (or cramps).
.- Allows control three phase fans. Stop and Go.
... And much more. Register and you can access at the user manual.

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