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The excellent acceptance of the ROTI ER43 / 2017 regulator, has made two new versions during the year 2018:

ER43 / 2017.V2T          Incorporates an outer probe, improves programming with App. Regulation by triac.
ER43 / 2017.V2010V    Allows the regulation of three-phase fans since it has an output of 0-10 v.

The ROTI ER43 / 2017 V2 regulator has prepared outputs to automate the operation of the fan, the cooling equipment, the opening of emergency windows, and also has:

.- Warning in case of excessive consumption of the fan.
.- Notice in the event of consumption of the fan.
.- Internal memory temperature recorded every half hour. Acessible by smartphone. Free App.
.- Allows program curves (or cramps).
.- Allows control three phase fans. Stop and Go.
... And much more. Register and you can access at the user manual.

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